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Элементы 13201—13230 из 14323.
название публикацииГодРИНЦWoSАвторы
14265Toward high performance solutions as services of research digital platform201900 (5)
14266On improved universal estimation of exponents of digraphs201900 (1)
14267Conditions for the product form of the stationary probability distribution of Markovian resource loss systems201900 (2)
14268Secure and Reliable IoT Networks Using Fog Computing with Software-Defined Networking and Blockchain201900 (7)
14269Analysis of the Limited Resources Queuing System with Signals and Multiple Flows of Customers201900 (2)
14270Performance Assessment of QoS-Aware LTE Sessions Offloading Onto LAA/WiFi Systems201900 (5)
14272An optimal Berry-Esseen type theorem for integrals of smooth functions201900 (2)
14273How optical model of ball lightning explains its paradoxical movement upwind201900 (1)
14274Approximate analysis of the limited resources queuing system with signals201900 (3)
14275On the Distribution of the First Break Down in the Wireless D2D Communication with Cashing201900 (4)
14278A chatbot as an environment for carrying out the group decision making process201900 (4)
14279Comparison of various approaches for calculation of optically induced forces201900 (1)
14280Mass of the photon propagating in an optical medium and mass of its electromagnetic and mechanical components201900 (1)
14281Another argument in favor of the Minkowski form of the momentum of light in matter201900 (1)
14282How ball lightning finds out slots and holes to penetrate through them201900 (1)
14283Ball lightning as a bubble of light: Existence and stability201900 (1)
14284Physics of a ball lightning in a form of a bubble of light201900 (1)
14285Optical electrostriction pressure in liquid, solids and gases201900 (1)
14286Momentum of a wave of any physical nature in a context of the Abraham-Minkowski dilemma201900 (1)
14287Why ball lightning disappears suddenly traceless201900 (1)
14288Additional arguments in favor of the Minkowski form of the momentum of light in matter201900 (1)
14289Ball lightning as a bubble of self-confined light201900 (1)
14290Economic Security Assessment of Onboard Equipment Production with Possible Realization in Standard Machine Learning Technologies201900 (3)
14291Selection of information security systems to ensure economic security201900 (2)
14292Objectives and challenges of ensuring economic and information security in the digital economy201900 (2)
14293Hybrid Multi-Core Recurrent Architecture Approbation on FPGA201900 (5)
14294Energy Efficient Speed-Independent 64-bit Fused Multiply-Add Unit201900 (5)
14295Architecture of Software-Hardware Complex for Searching Images in Database201900 (4)
14296Methods and Technologies of Machine Phraseological Translation Based on the Generalized Syntagm Model201900 (3)
14297Automatic creation technologies of declarative tools for clustering media documents201900 (6)