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Элементы 13381—13410 из 15891.
название публикацииГодРИНЦWoSАвторы
15551Research of Trajectory Optimization Approaches in Synthesized Optimal Control202100 (2)
15552Approaches to Numerical Solution of Optimal Control Problem Using Evolutionary Computations202100 (3)
15553Control Synthesis as Machine Learning Control by Symbolic Regression Methods202100 (2)
15554Universal Approach to Solution of Optimization Problems by Symbolic Regression202100 (2)
15555Machine-Made Synthesis of Stabilization System by Modified Cartesian Genetic Programming <--> была учтена в 2021г.202100 (2)
15556Machine Learning Control Based on Approximation of Optimal Trajectories202100 (4)
15557Control Training202100 (1)
15558Comparative study of numerical solutions for the optimal control problem in the presence of uncertainties202100 (2)
15559Fundamentals of Synthesized Optimal Control202100 (4)
15560Synthesised Optimal Control for a Robotic Group by Complete Binary Genetic Programming202100 (3)
15561Control by Equilibrium202100 (1)
15562A Regularization Approach to Analyze the Time-Optimal Motion of a Mobile Robot under State Constraints using Pontryagin's Maximum Principle202100 (6)
15563Study on Urban Traffic Control under Uncertainties of Parameters202100 (2)
15564Hybrid Recurrent Traffic Flow Model with Artificial Neural Networks For Approximation of Unknown Urban Road Subnetworks202100 (2)
15565Multicriterial analyses of Pareto-efficiency for collaborative multi-agent systems using genetic algorithm with variations202100 (2)
15566Evolutionary Computations for Traffic Signals Optimization202100 (1)
15567Computing infrastructure for scientific research in a digital transformation202100 (1)
15568Method of centralized reproduction of information transmission processes in the digital platform control loop202100 (2)
15569Study on control methods based on identification of unmanned vehicle model202100 (2)
15570Problem of Cost Function Synthesis for Mobile Robot's Trajectory and the Network Operator Method for its Solution202000 (3)
15571Square-Root Metric Regularity and Related Stability Theorems for Smooth Mappings202100 (2)
15572An Indirect Method for Regular State-Constrained Optimal Control Problems in Flow Fields202100 (4)
15573Investigation of Conditions for Non-degeneracy and Normality in Control Problems with Equality and Inequality State Constraints ** 2020г.202100 (3)
15574A new two-step approach for solving a control system synthesis problem by symbolic regression methods202100 (2)
15575Solution of the optimal control problem by symbolic regression method202100 (3)
15576Navigation of Underwater Drones and Integration of Acoustic Sensing with Onboard Inertial Navigation System202100 (3)
15577Partial Diffusion Markov Model of Heterogeneous TCP Link: Optimization with Incomplete Information202100 (4)
15578Minimax Estimation in Regression under Sample Conformity Constraints202100 (1)
15579Evaluating the performance of FFT library implementations on modern hybrid computing systems202100 (6)
15580Deployment of parallel computing in a hybrid high-performance cluster based on virtualization technologies202100 (3)