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Элементы 13501—13530 из 15873.
название публикацииГодРИНЦWoSАвторы
15679Universal Recurrent Traffic Flow Model for Urban Traffic Simulation202100 (2)
15680Hybrid Recurrent Traffic Flow Model (URTFM-RNN) <--> была учтена в 2021г.202100 (1)
15681Mathematical models of control in Digital Economy platforms202100 (3)
15682Mathematical modeling of evaluating the effectiveness of using RSD data in precision farming202100 (2)
15683Deep learning approaches to mid-term forecasting of social-economic and demographic effects of a pandemic202100 (5)
15684Theoretical aspects of process synchronization in ensuring the interoperability of integrated control systems202100 (2)
15685On the transformation of research data transmission processes in the digital platform202100 (3)
15686Integrated Control of Economic Security by Machine Learning in the Information Space of the Digital Economy202100 (3)
15687Problematic aspects of integrating a complete group of processes in the lifecycle of robotic control systems202100 (1)
15688Metadata for root cause analysis202100 (5)
15689Influence of the design mode of the turbine design on the gas dynamics of the flow in its flow part202100 (2)
15690High Performance Computing in a Shared Virtual Infrastructure202100 (4)
15691Some Approaches to Managing Computing Resources of a Hybrid High-Performance Cluster in a Cloud Environment202100 (4)
15692Minimizing mean response time in batch-arrival non-observable systems with single-server fifo queues operating in parallel202100 (2)
15693On the Degree of Nonlinearity of the Coordinate Polynomials for a Product of Transformations of a Binary Vector Space202100 (1)
15694About long period sequences202200 (1)
15695Data integrity algorithm based on additive generators and hash function202200 (5)
15696The principles of data reuse in research infrastructures202100 (1)
15697Data for binary stars from Gaia DR2202100 (5)
15698Managing Data-Intensive Research Problem-Solving Lifecycle202100 (2)
15699Conceptual Model Reuse for Problem Solving in Subject Domains202100 (1)
15700A Transformation of the RDF Mapping Language into a High-Level Data Analysis Language for Execution in a Distributed Computing Environment202100 (2)
15701A Cloud-Native Serverless Approach for Implementation of Batch Extract-Load Processes in Data Lakes202100 (2)
15702Applying Model-Driven Approach for Data Model Unification202100 (1)
15703The Conception of Strings Similarity in Software Engineering202100 (2)
15704Theoretical Aspects of a Priori On-Line Assessment of Data Predictability in Applied Tasks202100 (1)
15705New knowledge discovery for creating terminological profiles of diseases202100 (2)
15706Model of radio admission control for URLLC and adaptive bit rate eMBB in 5G network202100 (6)
15707Comparation of two single-server queueing systems with exponential service times and threshold-based renovation202100 (2)
15708On statistical analysis and prediction of SAP flow density for smart urban tree monitoring202100 (3)