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Элементы 13381—13410 из 14464.
название публикацииГодРИНЦWoSАвторы
14476Theory and Practice of Application of Artificial Intelligence Methods201900 (1)
14477Fault-Tolerance of Self-Timed Circuits201900 (5)
14478Path-constrained trajectory time-optimization in a three-dimensional steady flow field201900 (4)
14479Protection of valuable information in public information space201900 (4)
14480Minimizing mean response time in non-observable distributed systems with processor sharing nodes201900 (2)
14481Essay on the study of the self-oscillating regime in the control system201900 (4)
14482A remark on the continuity of the measure Lagrange multiplier in state constrained optimal control problems201900 (3)
14483Impulsive control problems under the frobenius condition201900 (3)
14484Impulsive control problems without the frobenius condition201900 (3)
14485Linear impulsive control problems201900 (3)
14486Impulsive control problems with state constraints201900 (3)
14487General nonlinear impulsive control problems201900 (3)
14488Impulsive control problems under borel measurability201900 (3)
14489Impulsive control problems with mixed constraints201900 (3)
14492Modeling of vertical handover from LTE to a cognitive network201900 (4)
14494Numerical Study of the Consensus Degree Between Social Network Users in the Group Decision Making Process201900 (5)
14495Method of Several Information Spaces for Identification of Anomalies201900 (3)
14496Approaches to the organization of the computing process of a hybrid high-performance computing cluster in the digital platform environment201900 (3)
14497Aspects of the Assessment of the Quality of Loading Hybrid HighPerformance Computing Cluster201900 (4)
14498Methods of Computer Simulation Based on Shared Digital Platform201900 (2)
14499The Algorithm of Mathematical Modeling of Digital Stream of Television Broadcasting Taking into Account Systemic Relationships201900 (1)
14500Modeling and debugging tools development for recurrent architecture201900 (4)
14501Advanced indication of the self-Timed circuits201900 (5)
14503Modeling and Performance Analysis of Elastic Traffic with Minimum Rate Guarantee Transmission Under Network Slicing201900 (3)
14504Probability Model for Performance Analysis of Joint URLLC and eMBB Transmission in 5G Networks201900 (4)
14505The resampling M/G/1 non-preemptive LIFO queue and its application to systems with uncertain service time201900 (3)
14506Two-priority queueing system with LCFS service, probabilistic priority and batch arrivals201900 (1)
14507Scientific and methodical aspects of synchronization of functional processes in the life cycle of integrated control systems201900 (2)
14508Innovations in Control Systems of Actions of Robotic Objects in the Field of Emergency Response201900 (3)
14509Идентификация и мониторинг информационных объектов с использованием фотоизображений в территориально-распределенных информационных системах201900 (1)