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Элементы 15391—15420 из 15898.
название публикацииГодРИНЦWoSАвторы
16573Tracking a Maneuvering Object by Indirect Observations with Random Delays202300 (1)
16574Adaptation of Kohonen's Self-organizing Map to the Task of Constructing an Individual User Trajectory in an E-learning System202200 (1)
16575Systematization and Synchronization of Target Processes in Organizational Systems202300 (2)
16576Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Logistics Processes with Network Management202300 (3)
16577Identification of the Nature of Threats to the Economic and Functional Security of Intelligent Onboard Systems and the Selection of Protection by Machine Learning202300 (3)
16578Optimizing Service Areas in 6G mmWave/THz Systems with Dual Blockage and Micromobility202300 (5)
16579Mathematical Framework for Mixed Reservation- and Priority-Based Traffic Coexistence in 5G NR Systems202300 (5)
16580UVCS: Unit Virtual Coordinate System for UAV Intra-Swarm Routing in GPS-Denied Environment202300 (2)
16581System-Level Analysis of Energy and Performance Trade-offs in mmWave 5G NR Systems <--> affiliation ?202300 (6)
16582Optimal Antenna Locations for Coverage Extension in Sub-Terahertz Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications <--> affiliation202300 (6)
16583Coverage, Rate, and Last Hop Selection in Multi-Hop Communications in Highway Scenarios202300 (5)
16584Trust Evaluation Problems in Big Data Analytics202300 (4)
16585System Interface of Scientific Services of a Digital Platform for Multiscale Modeling202100 (2)
16586Refinement of Optimal Control Problem for Practical Implementation of Its Solution202300 (1)
16587Development of Algorithms and Software for Modeling Controlled Dynamic Systems Using Symbolic Computations and Stochastic Methods202300 (4)
16588Exponential Stability of Nonlinear Time-Varying Delay Differential Equations via Lyapunov-Razumikhin Technique202300 (2)
16589Computer Research and Stabilization of Dynamic Models of Conveyor Systems202300 (3)
16590Neural Network Control of a Belt Conveyor Model with a Dynamic Angle of Elevation202300 (3)
16591Construction, stochastization and computer study of dynamic population models “two competitors - two migration areas”202300 (4)
16592Conceptual Aspects of Interoperability Control for Improving Synchronization Processes in Cloud Computing202300 (2)
16593Scientometric analysis of trends in global research on acne treatment202300 (6)
16594Self-timed Fused Multiplier-Adder Pipeline Optimization202300 (3)
16595Failure-Tolerant Synchronous and Self-Timed Circuits Comparison202300 (4)
16596Ergodicity and Related Bounds for One Particular Class of Markovian Time-Varying Queues with Heterogeneous Servers and Customer's Impatience202300 (4)
16597Estimating the Rate of Convergence of the PH/M/1 Model by Reducing to Quasi-Birth-Death Processes202300 (3)
16598Approximation and Related Semantic Structures202300 (1)
16599Normality and second-order optimality conditions in state-constrained optimal control problems with bounded minimizers <--> affiliation202300 (1)
16600On Normality in Optimal Control Problems with State Constraints202300 (2)
16601On a Class of Control Problems with Mixed Constraints202300 (2)
16602On Higher-Order State Constraints <--> affiliation202300 (2)