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Элементы 12751—12780 из 13829.
название публикацииГодРИНЦWoSАвторы
14894Extending the Theory of Liptser-Shiryaev Filters202000 (3)
14895Machine Phraseological Translation of Scientific-Technical Texts Based on the Model of Generalized Syntagmas202000 (4)
14896Wavelet Thresholding Risk Estimate for the Model with Random Samples and Correlated Noise202000 (1)
14898Simple explanation of physical nature of ball lightning202000 (2)
14899Minimizing Mean Response Time in Nonobservable Distributed Processing Systems with Nodes Operating under Egalitarian Processor-Sharing Policy202000 (2)
14900Momentum of an arbitrary wave derived from the Doppler law202000 (1)
14901Two Approaches to the Construction of Perturbation Bounds for Continuous-Time Markov Chains202000 (3)
14902Momentum and mass of a pulse of light wave as a particular case of waves of arbitrary physical nature202000 (1)
14903Russian adjective pronoun vsjahij: Semantics and idiomatics202000 (2)
14904To Analysis Performance Measures of 3GPP Wireless Network within LAA Framework201900 (2)
14905Multivariate Scale-Mixed Stable Distributions and Related Limit Theorems202000 (3)
14906Cyclic Random Motions with Orthogonal Directions202000 (3)
14907On Mixture Representations for the Generalized Linnik Distribution and Their Applications in Limit Theorems202000 (3)
14908Bounding the Rate of Convergence for One Class of Finite Capacity Time Varying Markov Queues202000 (5)
14909Bounds on the Rate of Convergence for Nonstationary Queue with Catastrophes and State-Dependent Control at Idle Time202000 (8)
14910Accuracy of Estimating the Mean from Rounded Data202000 (2)
14911Max-Compound Cox Processes. II202000 (3)
14912A Machine Learning Approach to the Vector Prediction of Moments of Finite Normal Mixtures202000 (2)
14913The Inverse Ill-Posed Problem of Magnetoencephalography202000 (1)
14914The Application of the ICA Method and Window Dispersion in the Study of Bioequivalence of Drugs202000 (3)
14915A Generalized Equilibrium Transform with Application to Error Bounds in the Renyi Theorem with No Support Constraints202000 (2)
14916Lower Bounds for the Constants in Non-Uniform Estimates of the Rate of Convergence in the CLT202000 (1)
14917On the Absolute Constants in Nagaev-Bikelis-Type Inequalities201700 (1)
14918Comparison of the stabilities of a soap bubble and the ball lightning in the form of a bubble of light202000 (1)
14919Physical phenomena responsible for stability and spherical form of ball lightning202000 (1)
14920Ratio of the momentums of an arbitrary wave propagating in various media202000 (1)
14921Dozen arguments in favor of the Minkowski form of the momentum of light in matter202000 (1)
14922Cohesive Hybrid Intelligent Multi-Agent System Architecture202000 (1)
14923Improvement of the Quasi Delay-Insensitive Pipeline Noise Immunity202000 (5)
14924Iterator Component Development for Data Redundancy Solution in Data-Flow Architecture202000 (4)