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Элементы 12661—12690 из 14323.
название публикацииГодРИНЦWoSАвторы
13727Characterization of mmWave Channel Properties at 28 and 60 GHz in Factory Automation Deployments201800 (5)
13728Dynamic Resource Sharing in 5G with LSA: Criteria-Based Management Framework201800 (7)
13729System-level analysis of IEEE 802.11ah technology for unsaturated MTC traffic201800 (9)
13730Delivering Fairness and QoS Guarantees for LTE/Wi-Fi Coexistence Under LAA Operation201800 (6)
13731Technologies for Efficient Amateur Drone Detection in 5G Millimeter-Wave Cellular Infrastructure201800 (5)
13732Safe, Secure Executions at the Network Edge: Coordinating Cloud, Edge, and Fog Computing201800 (6)
13733Concept design and performance evaluation of UAV-based backhaul link with antenna steering201800 (11)
13734Performance Evaluation of UAV-Assisted mmWave Operation in Mobility-Enabled Urban Deployments201800 (4)
13735Improving initial access reliability of 5G mmWave cellular in massive V2X communications scenarios201800 (7)
13736Multi-RAT LPWAN in Smart Cities: Trial of LoRaWAN and NB-IoT Integration201800 (10)
13737Improving Session Continuity with Bandwidth Reservation in mmWave Communications201800 (7)
13738A multi-purpose automated vehicular platform with multi-radio connectivity capabilities201800 (7)
13739Ray-based evaluation of dual-polarized MIMO in (Ultra-)dense millimeter-wave urban deployments201800 (9)
13740Analyzing Effects of Directional Deafness on mmWave Channel Access in Unlicensed Bands201800 (5)
13741Detailed Interference Analysis in Dense mmWave Systems Employing Dual-Polarized Antennas201800 (7)
13742Comparative evaluation of radio propagation properties at 15 GHz and 60 GHz frequencies *201700 (5)
13743Upper bound and approximation of random access throughput over chase combining HARQ *201700 (6)
13744Safe and Secure Execution at the Network Edge: A Framework for Coordinating Cloud, Fog, and Edge201800 (6)
13745Modeling Three-Dimensional Interference and SIR in Highly Directional mmWave Communications201700 (7)
13746Benefits of Positioning-Aided Communication Technology in High-Frequency Industrial IoT201800 (10)
13747Advanced wireless m-bus platform for intensive field testing in industry 4.0-based systems201800 (8)
13748Математическая модель среднего времени передачи данных подвижным пользователям в сети LTE201800 (3)
13750LTE network model with signals and random resource requirements201700 (3)
13751Transfection by Polyethyleneimine-Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles: Fine-Tuning the Condition for Electrophysiological Experiments201800 (7)
13752Analysis of the BMAP/PH/N queueing system with backup servers201800 (3)
13753Performance Testing and Methodology for Evaluation of Power Line Communication201800 (8)
13754Analysis of loss systems with overlapping resource requirements201800 (2)
13755On Markovian modelling of arrival processes201800 (3)
13756Multi-threshold control by a single-server queuing model with a service rate depending on the amount of harvested energy201800 (4)