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Элементы 13411—13440 из 14379.
название публикацииГодРИНЦWoSАвторы
14522The analysis of the computation offloading scheme with two-parameter offloading criterion in fog computing201900 (3)
14523Development of Analytical Framework for Evaluation of LTE-LAA Probabilistic Metrics201900 (3)
14524Modelling of Virtual Radio Resources Slicing in 5G Networks201900 (7)
14526Application of Anomaly Detection Methods in the Housing and Utility Infrastructure Data201900 (3)
14527An Extensible Approach for Materialized Big Data Integration in Distributed Computation Environments201900 (2)
14528Constructing Hypothesis Lattices for Virtual Experiments in Data Intensive Research201900 (2)
14529Formalizing Requirement Specifications for Problem Solving in a Research Domain201900 (2)
14530Extensible Unifying Data Model Design for Data Integration in FAIR Data Infrastructures201900 (2)
14531Meaningful Data Reuse in Research Communities201900 (1)
14532Evaluation of Binary Star Formation Models Using Well-Observed Visual Binaries201900 (9)
14533Finding and filling lacunas in knowledge systems201900 (1)
14535Automation of synthesized optimal control problem solution for mobile robot by genetic programming201900 (2)
14536Collision avoidance at swarm regrouping using modified network operator method with various number of arguments201900 (3)
14537A solution of synthesized optimal control problem for interaction of robots by evolutionary computations201900 (3)
14538Modified SOMA for Optimal Control Problem201900 (3)
14539NP-Hard task schedules and methods of its decision201900 (2)
14540Synthesis of control for group of quadrotors in task of area monitoring201900 (4)
14541Hybrid evolutionary algorithm for synthesized optimal control problem for group of interacting robots201900 (2)
14542A mathematical model and control problems of traffic flows in urban road networks201900 (2)
14543Theoretical fundamentals for unimodality estimation of an objective functional in the optimal control problem201900 (3)
14544Welcome message from general chair201900 (1)
14545Evolutional methods for creating artificial intelligence of robotic technical systems201900 (3)
14546Python package for the network operator implementation and its application for group control system synthesis problem201900 (4)
14547Some methods of solving the NP-difficult problem of optimal schedule for the university201900 (4)
14548Comparative research of random search algorithms and evolutionary algorithms for the optimal control problem of the mobile robot201900 (4)
14549Analysis of the anywalker software architecture using the UML refactoring tool201900 (5)
14551A novel hybrid method of global optimization based on the grey Wolf optimizer and the bees algorithm201900 (3)
14552Optimal control for traffic flows in the urban road networks and its solution by variational genetic algorithm201900 (3)
14553A Newton-type method for quadratic programming problem and variational equilibrium problem201900 (3)