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название публикацииГодРИНЦWoSАвторы
15121L1 -Optimal Filtering of Markov Jump Processes. I. Exact Solution and Numerical Implementation Schemes202000 (1)
15122Prototyping 5G Network in Laboratory Testbed with Virtual Deployment Environment202000 (5)
15123Endpoint Cloud Terminal as an Approach to Secure the Use of an Enterprise Private Cloud202000 (5)
15124The Research of a Method to Identify a Workplace via a Monitor Snapshot202000 (5)
15125Probability model of concepts recovery in small sample learning202000 (5)
15126Tracking knowledge evolution based on the terminology dynamics in 4p‐medicine202000 (5)
15127Approaches to assessing the semantic similarity and future citation of publications by identifying informative terms with predictive properties202000 (2)
15128Impact factor of a term: A tool for assessing article's future citations and author's influence based on pubmed and dblp collections202000 (3)
15129Approaches to assessing the semantic similarity of texts in a multilingual space202000 (4)
15130A scientometric analysis of publications related to predictive medicine202000 (5)
15131Automatic Solving of Stabilization System Synthesis Problem by the Network Operator Method202000 (2)
15132Optimal Control Design for a Group of Mobile Robots with Uncertainties202000 (2)
15133Optimal Trajectories Synthesis of a Mobile Robots Group Using Cartesian Genetic Programming202000 (2)
15134Synthesized Optimal Control by Group Interaction of Quadcopters202000 (2)
15135Control System Synthesis Based on Optimal Trajectories Approximation by Symbolic Regression for Group of Robots202000 (2)
15136Optimal Feedback Control through Numerical Synthesis of Stabilization System202000 (2)
15137Investigation of Quasi-Optimal Motion of a Mobile Robot: The Maximum Principle Based Approach202000 (4)
15138Scientific and Methodological Approaches to Determining the Conditions for the Emergence of Synergetic Processes in the Life Cycle of Intelligent Integrated Management Systems202000 (1)
15139On the Study of Forward Kolmogorov System and the Corresponding Problems for Inhomogeneous Continuous-Time Markov Chains202000 (1)
15140Application of Method of Differential Inequalities to Bounding the Rate of Convergence for a Class of Markov Chains202000 (4)
15141Convergence Rate Estimates for Some Models of Queuing Theory, and Their Applications202000 (5)
15142The Experience of the FRC CSC RAS in Creating a Digital Platform for Scientific Research in the Cause of Digital Transformation202000 (1)
15143Информационная модель метода коррекции яркости и цвета при создании панорамных изображений202000 (1)
15144Инструментальное программное обеспечение анализа и синтеза стохастических систем высокой доступности (IX)202000 (4)
15145Инструментальное программное обеспечение анализа и синтеза стохастических систем высокой доступности (X)202000 (4)
15147Оптическая система захвата стереоскопического видеопотока на базе Raspberry Pi202000 (3)
15148Innovative approach to updating the digital platform ecosystem202000 (2)
15149A quantitative method for analysis of connectives: The "portrait" of the Russian conjunction ili (or) in the supracorpora database of connectives202000 (1)
15150Application of intelligent technologies and neural network modeling methods in the development of a hybrid learning environment202000 (4)