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Элементы 91—120 из 13829.
название публикацииГодРИНЦWoSАвторы
14927The Exact Formula for the Exponents of the Mixing Digraphs of Register Transformations202000 (2)
14928Encryption performance and security of certain wide block ciphers **202000 (2)
14929Comparative performance evaluation of modern heterogeneous high-performance computing systems CPUS202000 (5)
14930Application of the symbolic regression method for solving the inverse problem of control of the 3-RPR platform202000 (4)
14931Optimal Control System Synthesis Based on the Approximation of Extremals by Symbolic Regression202000 (4)
14932Regular perturbations to the motion of a three-wheeled mobile robot with the front-wheel drive under restricted state variables202000 (6)
14933Investigation of a perturbation method to solve essentially non-regular time-optimal control problems with state constraints202000 (6)
14934Numerical Method of Synthesized Control for Solution of the Optimal Control Problem202000 (1)
14935Comparison of Direct and Indirect Approaches for Numerical Solution of the Optimal Control Problem by Evolutionary Methods202000 (2)
14936Geometric Parameters and Workspace Optimization of Sitting-Type Lower Limb Rehabilitation Robot202000 (4)
14937Limit Distribution of a Risk Estimate in the Problem of Inverting Linear Homogeneous Operators with a Random Sample Size202000 (1)
14938Mean-Square Risk of the Threshold Processing in the Problem of Inverting the Radon Transform with a Random Sample Size202000 (1)
14939On the Choice of Thresholding Parameters for Non-Gaussian Noise Distribution202000 (2)
14940An analytical model for 5G network resource sharing with flexible SLA-oriented slice isolation202000 (4)
14942Improvement of the Fairness of Non-Preemptive Priorities in the Transmission of Heterogeneous Traffic **202000 (4)
14943Mathematical Model of LTE Cells with Machine-Type and Broadband Communications202000 (3)
14944Competitive queueing systems with comparative rating dependent arrivals **202000 (4)
14946Preface202000 (4)
14947On the role of the semantic knowledge model in ensuring the stability of reproduction of data transmission processes202000 (3)
14948Machine Learning Methods for Assessing Economic Security Indicators in the Life Cycle of On-Board Automation Systems on a Given Platform202000 (2)
14949Determination of the Parameters of a Submerged Source by Perturbations of the Liquid Surface Based on Machine Learning Methods202000 (3)
14950Neural network approach to solving the inverse problem of surface-waves generation <--> 2019202000 (3)
13690Magnetoencephalography inverse problem in the spheroid geometry201900 (2)
13856Evaluating SIR in 3D Millimeter-Wave Deployments: Direct Modeling and Feasible Approximations201900 (7)
13865Explanation of abnormal motion of glowing silicon balls in a framework of optical model of ball lightning201900 (1)
13912Hybrid intelligent multi-agent system model for solving complex transport-logistic problem201900 (1)
13931Model of a prospective digital platform to consolidate the resources of economic activity in the digital economy201900 (2)
14109On a Few Questions Regarding the Study of State-Constrained Problems in Optimal Control201900 (2)
14152A Generalized Filippov-like Existence Theorem for Optimal Control Problems with Constraints201900 (4)